Meet Sally


I’ve been a Registered Nurse for over 35 years, applying my skills in many clinical areas. Whether stabilizing an infant in the delivery room or providing care to the elderly, working as a nurse has given me a perspective of the human experience. I am concerned about the staggering cost of healthcare and the lack of transparency. I’ve witnessed healthcare become a big business that doesn’t seem as focused on the needs of the patient. We can do more at a state level to address healthcare challenges and I am ready to advocate for the patient!


I love teaching, and have been an adjunct instructor for Kirkwood Community College for 15 years. I’ve had all ages of students from children in the summer KICK camp to Adults in career transition in the KPACE program. During the school year I teach dual enrollment high school students in the Patient Care Academy. I consider it an enormous responsibility to instruct those who will work in our healthcare system and enable them to reach their potential in such a rewarding field! One year my mom had to be hospitalized. When I was visiting her, one of my former students came in to care for her. The student was as stunned as I was and said “Mrs. Abbott I’ll take good care of your mom.”


My husband Bob and I have four children and 2 grandchildren. Raising our family here in Iowa was one of the best decisions we have made. The community is great for families and the schools are fantastic. I will work to preserve the quality life we enjoy here . My children benefited from living in a safe and wholesome community with so many opportunities geared towards families. Our great parks, community pools, youth sports and opportunities in art and music make this a top notch place to live!


I’ve lived in District 67 for 28 years! This is the place I call home. What makes this district great are the people. We have a sense of community here. I feel a “pride of ownership” concerning our area. This is a place I will work to preserve and continue to improve. I hope we never take for granted the blessings this area provides. I want to keep our taxes low and our opportunities vast. As your neighbor, I want to represent your concerns and be your voice at the State Capitol.

Why am I running for Iowa House?

In all honesty, it was never really my plan to run for Iowa House. I have no real desire for personal notoriety and no extensive agenda to push.

When I heard the seat was open, my first thought was I hope someone steps up. I had a friend encourage me, as well as my husband. I argued with myself to just look the other way, after all, I just became a grandmother and I’m enjoying this season of life. But sometimes the path we’re on presents something unexpected. After thought and prayer I decided to run for Iowa House!

I don’t have all the answers. I can’t promise perfectly polished responses or even a notable online presence. What I can promise you is that my care for this community is sincere and I will represent you and the issues you care about. I have a wealth of experience in healthcare, education, and motherhood. I think my life experiences have prepared me to step into service in public office. I have common sense and believe in servant leadership. I am ready to bring practical solutions to government.

Who can represent you in the Iowa House of Representatives?

A nurse, teacher, mother, grandmother and neighbor. I’m ready to serve you.

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